Regina Daniels is a disgrace to all teenagers: Onuh Chisom Maryjane

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Onuh Chisom Maryjane took to social media to lambaste actress Regina Daniels over her fallen breast.

The lady stated that even at 19 years, she is way better off than Regina Daniels’ whom she said her bosoms are already sagging, while hers are still standing like pencil.

Her statement didn’t go well with some Nigerians who share the same group on Facebook with the lady as they bashed her for her ignorance and what many considered as hatred.

“Regina u are a disgrace to all the 19 years girls. Look at your breast. Are u not ashamed of yourself by posting it. We are The same age, take a look at your fallen breast and look at mine still standing like pencil. Anyways it because u are fu***king an old man. Fool”

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