Rich The Kid Sued By Hairstylist For Child Support For 5-Year-Old Daughter

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He offered to pay for an abortion.

His partner exposed him as a cheater and provided receipts as proof. Then comes Tori Brixx, who was by his side after he was hospitalized following a home invasion. Shortly after, it seemed like the rapper had lost trust for her. His latest romantic struggle comes in the form of an alleged baby mama who is seeking financial support for her child.
Candis Watts, an Atlanta hairstylist, says that Rich fathered her child after the pair had a complicated romance. The relationship is described as having been tainted with “dysfunction and toxicity.” The California Department of Child Support Services is suing the rapper on behalf of Watts.
Rich The Kid, whose legal names is Dimitri Leslie Roger, is being asked to cooperate in the establishment of paternity and child support for her five-year-old.
Court documents state that Watts’ daughter, D’Jean Watts, was born in 2013 as a result of their tumultuous relationship. This included their living together for a month in Marietta, Georgia, according to the filing.

“We met in Atlanta in 2011. Inseparable for [the] majority of our relationship. There were many fallouts but always ended up back together. My family and his family can attest to the dysfunction and toxicity of relationship and the negligence on Dimitri’s behalf.”

She stated that the entertainer wasn’t present during the birth but came to visit her in the hospital soon after. He acknowledged his being the father and also arranged for the child to live with his family for 3 months while Watt’s dealt with “financial hardship.”

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