Saturday Night Live Paints Bill Cosby As A Senile Cliff Huxtable In Prison Skit

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Keenan Thompson plays a jailed Cosby.

The sketch comedy show emulated the Kanye West and Donald Trump White House meeting. Then SNL decided to aim for the recently imprisoned Bill Cosby. Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Media outlets have been reporting that Cosby is having a relaxing time in jail, enjoying walks with the prison staff and enjoying his private cell. SNL reenvisioned Cosby’s seemingly docile prison experience in a hilarious skit.

Seth Myers played a new inmate that is placed in Cosby’s cell. Cosby, played by Kenan Thompson, doesn’t even seem to realize that he is being punished. Thompson impersonates a confused Cosby who can’t separate his own personality from Cliff Huxtable. “I am in jail and loving it,” states Cosby. “No kids with the darndest things, limited interactions with Camille, and when I was fighting incarceration, I had no idea that one of the staple foods of the prison system is Jello.”
The skit also references Geoffrey Owens, the actor who played Elvin. Owens was spotted working at a Trader Joe’s this Summer, which led to a viral job reference for the actor.

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