Sia Recalls The Time She Denied Donald Trump’s Request For A Picture On “SNL”

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Sia avoids Trump

While talking about her ascension to superstardom in 2015 after having a rough time garnering a massive mainstream following, Sia recalled the time she met Donald Trump. It seems like many celebrities have anecdotes about the first time they met the president of America, but Sia’s stands out.
In 2015, Sia performed on Saturday Night Live three times. On one of those occasions, Trump hosted the show. After the show was complete, Sia says she was walking back to her dressing room when she heard a voice call her name. When she turned around, she was greeted by Donald Trump. “We’ve got to get a photo!” he exclaimed. Sia was hesitant to take the picture, but also didn’t want to get into a confrontation. She has a fear of hurting other people, but Sia stood up for herself on this occasion.
“Actually, do you mind if we don’t? I have a lot of queer and Mexican fans, and I don’t want them to think that I support your views,” replied Sia to Trump’s request. After thinking for a second, Trump responded, “Oh, no problem. Then don’t.” Sia claims he wasn’t offended or angry at all. “It was as if he viewed me as protecting my brand,” Sia told Rolling Stone. “He respected that. I was like, ‘Thank you so much,’ and then I went into my dressing room and had crazy diarrhea.”

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