Snoop Dogg Forgives Kanye West: “Forgiveness Is Everything”

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Snoop Dogg is now forgiving Kanye for his stance on Trump

Snoop made headlines after he went off on Kanye in a radio interview with DJ Suss One, calling out Ye for supporting Trump. “Fuck you too” Snoop said aiming his words at Kanye and any one supporting the President. On Monday, Snoop was back in the comments voicing his displeasure for Kanye’s “MAGA” hat that he’s been wearing this weekend, asking Kanye to “make music great again” instead.

Snoop called Ye an “Uncle Tom ass n*gga,” the Long Beach veteran apparently had a change of heart for Ye, saying “Forgiveness is everything.” The caption was met with a clip of Kanye rockin’ a t-shirt with Snoop Dogg’s younger face on it, alluding to Kanye was showing him love even after Snoop’s attack on him.

While Snoop looks to have moved on from his public battle with Kanye, Snoop’s fans appear to be pissed that he switched up so quickly. One person wrote “Don’t try and be nice NOW snoop” while another said, “You cool with that fool wearing a shirt of you and rep’n that mofo’s hat???”

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Forgiveness is everything 💪🏾🌟✨☝🏽

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