Snoop Dogg Goes Off On Trump & His Supporters: “Kanye Too, F*ck You Too”

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Snoop Dogg says anyone who supports Trump is “racist.”

Snoop appears to have got some things off his chest about Donald Trump and his supporters. DJ Suss One was trying to segue into Kanye and politics, when Snoop interrupted him and quickly went on a rant of his own, saying anyone that supports Trump is “racist,” among other things.

“I dont give a fuck. I tell ‘em straight up motherfucker. If you like that nigga [Trump] you motherfuckin’ racist. Fuck you and fuck him. Now what?” “Nigga he drew the lines. He drew the motherfuckin’ lines. Before him there were no lines. Everybody was everybody, we respected every thing, we didn’t trip, but nigga when you drew the line and start pointing mother fuckers out and singling them out nigga fuck y’all then nigga. You and them.”

Snoop then went on to bring Kanye into the mix, saying “fuck him” too for supporting Trump. “Kanye too. Don’t forget about him too. Fuck You Too. Throw him in the bag, he right with them mother fuckers,” Snoop added..

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