Sony Music Never Confessed That Michael Jackson Album Vocals Are Fake

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Sony attempted to use fake Michael Jackon vocals on his posthumous album, Michael. In 2014, a fan named Vera Serova filed a class action lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s longtime friend Eddie Cascio, claiming that his production team, Angelikson Productions, allowed an impersonator to perform on records and then sold them through the Jackson Estate and Sony Music. According to yesterday’s reports, Sony Music conceded to selling fake Michael Jackson tracks. Now, a lawyer for Sony Music and the Jackson Estate say that isn’t true at all.
Zia Modabber, of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, is representing both Sony Music and the Jackson estate in the lawsuit. In a statement published by Variety, Modabber said, “No one has conceded that Michael Jackson did not sing on the songs.” Modabber continued on to reference the most recent hearing on the case. “The hearing Tuesday was about whether the First Amendment protects Sony Music and the Estate and there has been no ruling on the issue of whose voice is on the recordings.” The songs that are being debated are “Breaking News,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and  “Monster.” The latter track features 50 Cent.

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