Stop Comparing Us Says “Quavo” Migos Forever

The Migos do not want to be pitted against each other.

The fourth quarter of 2018 has arguably been taken over by the Migos. While Culture III only arrives next year, each of the three has come through with their own solo efforts. We’re still waiting for Offset’s album to show up but that’s expected to be released on December 14. Quavo has previously said that their intentions with the solo albums were not to stray away from the group. If anything, they’re meant to grow even stronger as a collective. Quavo detailed how he wants to perform arena shows as the Migos with the opening acts being Takeoff, Offset, and himself. Hopefully, they reach that point. For now, the artist is worrying about how some are pitting the group members against each other. 

Quavo took to Twitter to voice his concerns, telling fans to quit comparing him to the other Migos. “Stop Comparing Us Please!!!  PUT US AGAINST THEM!!!!  Thank you,” he wrote. After the releases of Quavo Huncho and The Last Rocket, it’s only natural for people to state which one they preferred. Quavo would like to halt that conversation though, asking instead to be critiqued next to artists outside of his group. It makes sense too as this could inevitably lead to the group splitting up, which would likely help none of them in the long run.

The Migos are the strongest when they’re together and Quavo has a point.

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