The Game Defends His Right To Wear Tight Shorts On Instagram

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Jayceon Taylor had time today.

Just yesterday he started his #60DaysOfFitness and he’s clearly already happy with the results. Seeing as The Game, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has close to 10 million followers it’s hard for him to post a photo without at least one troll worthy comment.
@d3vil818 commented on Jayceon’s photo saying: “Why you gotta be wearing gay tight pants.” The “Pest Control” rapper had time to give the user an explanation, responding with: “Bitch they shorts and I’m grown…baggy pants for broke n****s, old cheese players and club security #foh.”

“I got fat over the summer because I love fucked up food, Hennessy & hot Funyuns lol… I used my dad’s death as an excuse not to give a fuck & that was selfish of me,” Stopped working out & posting #60DaysOfFitness pics because that wouldn’t be right to try & motivate others if my own mind & body weren’t 100% where I wanted it to be….. & recently I kept sayin “ I’m gone start Monday lol & 8 Monday’s passed including the one this week…. well, it’s Thursday & those days are gone & today marks the start of a new fitness journey. If you with me you with me… if you not, fuck it.”

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