The Weeknd Rekindles With Old Flame Bella Hadid

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Melancholic no more. 

Though a much publicized relationship with Bella Hadid has been tumultuous to say the least, it would appear that the on-again off-again pair have once again found common ground. It’s unclear what may have prompted such an epiphany; it’s sometimes easy to forget that these celebrities have lives outside the snapshots. Yet pictures do speak volumes, and the latest batch from TMZ’s ubiquitous network of eyes finds the rekindled couple taking their love to the streets.
Not only have the pair taken to the streets of Los Angeles in tandem, but they even coordinated their outfits, donning a pair of matching tracksuits. The picture of millennial companionship, to be sure. Though the image of their kiss seems to have been taken while magnified by two hundred, it does confirm that the pair are, at the very least, on speaking terms. For those keeping score, one has to wonder if Weeknd’s return to the dating game will bleed into his music.

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