Tory Lanez Flexes Dominance Over Travis Scott On “Any Level”

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Tory Lanez has no qualms with reopening old wounds.

The Toronto artist has been enjoying a successful 2018 campaign, which kicked off with his acclaimed album Memories Don’t Die. Fans may recall the confessional nature of “Hate To Say,” in which Tory reflected on a near scuffle with Travis Scott. “Me and Travi$ Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna, we both agreed shortly after that it was music,” raps Tory, a claim later confirmed in unearthed video footage. Though Tory and Travis have since quelled the animosity, it would appear that Tory still views Scott as a rival of sorts.
That’s not to say any bad blood is harboured, but given their stylistic similarities and propensity for live acrobatics, it seems entirely possible that Tory might view Scott as the Gary to his Ash. It seems likely that unfavorable comparisons will continue to strike a nerve. Tory Lanez partook in some comment-creepery, in which he basically peed on a tree to mark his territory. In response to some of Tory’s latest live acrobatics, one fan claimed Lanez’ show was inferior to Travis Scott, no debate necessary. Tory clapped back, asserting that “Travis Scott cannot fu*k with him on [any] level.”
It would appear that Tory’s words have already grown legs. Let’s not get it twisted, however; these are not fightin’ words and should not be treated as such. Tory’s proclamations feel more like gentle chest pounding, an assertion of dominance in a field fuelled by healthy competition.

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