Tory Lanez Says XXXTentacion Is Featured On “Love Me Now?”

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“I got a song with XXXTentacion on Love Me Now!! R.I.P the young legend,”

Tory has enlightened us with some news that the late XXXTentacion will also be featured on the album.

Tory announced this news on Twitter Monday night, saying “I got a song with @xxxtentacion on #LoveMeNow !! R.I.P the young legend.” No word yet as for what the song is called or when it was even recorded, but it’s definitely going to be a well-received collab when we finally get to hear it.

“I honestly can say that I’m MORE excited about this Project than any of my previous ones,” Tory said about Love Me Now. “I feel like I’ve over analyzed how musical and lyrical and balanced my albums had to be … there fore making the process take longer .

THIS TIME AROUND .. I’m just in a great space creatively and I don’t care about the opinions of anybody but my FANS AND REAL SUPPORTERS !! NO ONE ELSE MATTERS BUT US!,” he added.
Tory is also prepping the release of an all-Spanish project called El Agua, which too should be dropping soon.

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