Travis Scott Sued For Failing To Get Insurance For Show Ending In Fan’s Paralysis

Travis is still tied up in legal proceedings related to an injury that took place during one of his concerts in 2017. The venue in which one of his fans was left paralyzed is now claiming that the artist breached their deal at the time, by failing to take out insurance for the event.

Bowery Presents LLC, the company that owns the New York music venue Terminal 5 where the incident happened, reportedly filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott on October 18. They claim the rapper failed to get insurance for one of his shows despite their previous agreement. The event ended with a fan falling off a balcony and becoming permanently paralyzed.

The rapper is responsible for any damages awarded to the fan in the lawsuit filed against both the venue and Travis Scott.

Kyle Green, the fan in question, sued Travis Scott claiming his performance incited chaos, which led to Green being shoved over the balcony by fanatics. He also claims he was improperly removed from the venue after the fall, carelessness that contributed to his needing a wheelchair for mobility.

Travis Scott countersued The Bowery and Strike Force Protective Services for negligence surrounding the incident. The documents also claimed that Green is responsible for his injuries as he should have understood the risks involved in attending his concert.

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