Tyga Shades Kylie Jenner & Takes Credit For Her Relevance

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Tyga helps Kylie Jenner to become famous.

While her current boo is none other than Travis, who references her about a million times on Astroworld, Kylie’s rise to superstardom began as she was dating Tyga. The two seemed inseparable for a long time until they split, leaving Tyga without the Kardashian machine to promote his work. With his comeback being well-documented in our recently  T-Raw is ready for the spotlight to return to him and with his refreshed confidence, the artist is taking a lot of credit for his ex-girlfriend’s status as one of the biggest celebrities in the world.
Jenner may be more popular than her sister Kim, which is saying a lot. However, on a new episode of Nicki Queen Radio show, the rapper shaded his ex in a subtle way, hitting her with the “Nah. I’m good, luv. Enjoy,” after he was asked if he misses her. Complex, the comments didn’t stop there as he even took credit for Kylie’s jump to becoming a near-billionaire, saying about her relevance, “You need black people to fuck with you cause you need culture. I had a lot to do with all that.”

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