Tyga Sues Birdman & Lil Wayne Over $1 Million In Foiled Royalties

Tyga is seeking royalties he feels he is owed 

You may recall an impasse leading to Tyga forking over $1 million in a contract buyout. Public perception would have it Birdman was right to accept the settlement dollars, and Tyga was for his part, acting in his best interest. Tyga started lashing out publicly, stating that Birdman owed somewhere in the ballpark of $12 million, an figure Birdman was quick to refute, with him reemphasizing who between them walked away from his job. Months have passed since the feud came back to the fore. Tyga months removed from the the initial buzz of Kyoto , and Birdman showing his typical lack of remorse, a legal battle was almost an inevitability.
This morning things came to a head.TMZ has learned that Tyga is suing Birdman of Cash Money for unclaimed royalti. Tyga is seeking a “significant sum” from Lil Wayne, who deputized over the Young Money subdivision while both men were still involved. The squabble seems to be over two albums he produced for Young Money under his name, Careless World & Hotel California, which peaked at #4 & #7 respectively on the Billboard 200. Tyga is seeking $1 million repentance from those two albums.

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