Video: $66K Win In Lamborghini Lawsuit Against Auto Shop: Yo Gotti

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 Auto shop employee took his Lambo for a ride and wrecked it.

While that may be a scenario that plays out in the movies, we don’t hear of it happening as often in real life. However, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t go down and Yo Gotti, unfortunately, got himself caught up in a legal battle after he claims an auto shop employee went cruising around in his 2012 Lamborghini Aventador.

Gotti purchased the car years ago for $409,198.70. He claimed that he sent the car over to Motorcars of Georgia in Atlanta to be serviced as there were repairs needed to the accelerator, transmission, and clutch. He never gave permission to anyone to operate the Lambo outside of moving it around the shop as needed for servicing, yet an employee just had to get behind the wheel. When they did, the auto shop worker got into an accident and crashed into a tractor-trailer. The luxury ride was said to have $390,000 worth of damages.

The accident was caused by a third party and it was beyond their control, but Gotti took them to court. An Atlanta jury sided with the rapper, partially, and awarded him 17% of the cost of damages. The auto shop was ordered to pay up $66,300. Check out the whip in Gotti’s music video for “F*ck Em” below.

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