Video: Amber Rose Has A Hunch On Who Stole Her Wiz Khalifa Engagement Ring

Amber Rose has assumptions on who took her ring.

Amber stated that she wished to pass the ring on to her son when he grows up and she’s desperately trying to find where it may be. At this point, she can only assume who stole the jewelry from her room but she seems to have a hunch on who it could have been.
Amber revealed that she has ideas on who it could have been. “I can assume, I guess,” said the entertainer, “I have no proof. I just want my ring back! I don’t want the money, I just want my ring back. So I’m trying to figure out if somebody took it to a pawn shop or something like that right now.” It’s only been a few days since she realized the piece was missing so it makes sense that the case has not yet been resolved.
Amber stated that she doesn’t believe it was a security issue, hinting that this may have been an inside job. It was highlighted in the initial reports that many people pass through Amber’s home on a daily basis. Perhaps a member of her team is the culprit. We’ll keep you updated as information comes out.

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