Video: Drake’s “Legend” Status: Remy Ma Thinks He Needs To “Work A Little Harder”

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Remy Ma thinks that Drake has to push if he wants to be considered a legend.

 Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. are considered legends because they’ve been relevant even twenty years following their deaths. However, there are a handful of people that are still alive that we can comfortably call legends. Rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, and others. When it comes to people that are still building their legacies, it’s difficult to determine what places them in “legend” territory. That exact question was tackled on this week’s episode of State of the Culture when Joe Budden & Co. threw around a few names with each party offering their opinion. Artists like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake were all mentioned. Remy Ma believes that they each have a shot at achieving a legendary title but when it comes to Drake, he’ll need to “work a little harder.” 

Some would argue that it feels like Drake has been on cruise control for the last few years. He knows how to craft a hit and he’s sticking to that formula. Depending on who you’re asking, it may be said that he’s not particularly trying anymore. Remy Ma believes that he’ll need to step it up on the effort side to become a legend. She said, “Drake – amazing music, but I feel like as far as legendary, he’s gonna have to work a little bit harder to get it. Even though I think he’s a dope rapper, all his albums have been great and he makes great music. People are gonna give him a little bit of a harder time.”

As far as music goes, Joe Budden believes that Drake will always be considered a legend due to his accomplishments and impact. He argued that Cole and Kendrick have the opportunity to be legends outside of music, but Drake has already achieved that status for his art.

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