Video: Eminem Daughter Freestyle” Video Goes Viral

Wynne got bars.

One of Eminem’s many fan pages shared a clip titled “Eminem Daughter Freestyle” to Facebook. The video picked up steam, garnering over 4.6M views. Shady fans went nuts in the comments sections with remarks that engaged with the content in a positive way. Even those who pointed out that the female emcee in the clip wasn’t actually Eminem’s daughter, did so politely.

The clip, though uploaded by the fan page several days ago, is almost a year old. It was stripped from footage taken at a cypher hosted by TeamBackPAck in 2017. The original video is described as showing the talents of Donte Thomas, Theory Hazit, and the woman of the hour, Wynne. Watch her performance and rate her bars.

Wynne is big on wordplay and delivered some lines that seem to have been taken literally:

“I’ve wanted to do TeamBackPack / You don’t know how long it too me / I’m still too young to get into venues that want to book me / We’ve had bad weather lately / It’s haily in Portland, guess I’m the daughter of Shady”

The female rapper might not be Shady’s actual daughter, but she reps the love of Rhythm and Poetry nonetheless. Peep her latest video for “Buzzer.”

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