VIDEO: PlayStation 5 to focus on ‘hardcore gamers’ and big budget exclusive: Sony

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has described the console, which hasn’t officially been named yet, as a ‘niche product, aimed at serious players’. The new console will apparently target the most profitable segment of the business, i.e. big budget, graphically intensive games.

The PlayStation 4’s success has been widely attributed to Sony’s own high quality, critically acclaimed, first party exclusives.

This is apparently something Sony fully recognises, with the plan being to continue to prioritise big budget internal games because people buy new consoles to, ‘play high-quality games available only on that platform’. The article suggests that Sony will also be concentrating on third party relations with other publishers, implying more deals for exclusive or timed exclusive content.

What Sony’s not apparently interested in though is indie games, with the article quoting an official as saying that it doesn’t want to focus on smaller titles ‘also available on smartphones’. Which suggests a lack of familiarity with the indie scene, given many are never available on smartphones.

Sony is also quick to dismiss Nintendo as being aimed at a ‘younger audience’, compared to ‘PlayStation’s core demographic’. While Stadia is also apparently not seen as a threat. Although it’s unusual for a company to admit it outright, new consoles are always aimed at more committed gamers at first, segueing to a more mainstream audience as the number and variety of games increases.

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