Video: Post Malone Attempts To “Go Undercover” In A Record Store

Post Malone’s attempts at an undercover lifestyle.

Donning a disguise that did little to conceal his abundance of facial tattoos, Posty did what little he could to remain somewhat incognito. Luckily, his mug remains unrecognizable to those of an older demographic, leading to several amusing exchanges in which the integrity of Posty’s disguise remains intact. Eventually, he crosses paths with one older gentleman, who volunteers to read some of Post’s recently penned lyrics.
There’s some dirty stuff in there admits Post, addressing the gentleman’s initial wariness. “But there’s a lot to it underneath it.” The man holds it down like a champ, reciting Post’s prose with commitment: “Drinkin’ Henny, bad bitches jump in the pool, and they got no bra!” Post is made by a young child, who reveals a love of “Better Now.” At that point, Post is simply unable to keep his disguise a secret, and doles out high fives accordingly.

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