Video: Rick Ross Offers Ruthless Take On 6ix9ine’s Incarceration

The boss reflects with authority and a signature lack of mercy.

The rainbow-haired rapper 6ix9ine sits in jail, awaiting trial for his string of federal charges. While his fate remains uncertain, a different energy looms over Tekashi. Few have openly supported the young rapper, barring a heartfelt message of support from fellow New Yorker Nicki Minaj, likely due to his affinity to bridge-burning. Still, there’s no denying his situation looks bleak, whether he’s genuinely attributing to the gangster lifestyle or simply a young man in over his head. Leaked phone calls reveal that 6ix9ine’s former “team” have turned their back on him, with potentially violent consequences. Even if he does gain freedom from the law, will he truly be free? Or is he destined to sleep with one eye open?

Meek mill and Jay-Z  took a moment to reflect on the system in the Biggie sampling “What’s Free.” An instant Championships highlight, the banger found Rozay setting things off with a welcome return to the fold. Though his verse is filled with lavish imagery and calculated reflections we’ve come to love, Ross’ closing message struck a particularly interesting chord:

Screaming “gang gang,” now you wanna rap
Racketeering charges caught him on a tap
Lookin’ for a bond, lawyers wanna tax
Purple hair got them fa**ots on your back

 Clearly, Ross is addressing 6ix9ine’s situation, initially with a sense of neutrality; perhaps there’s a hint of judgment, but overall, the opening two lines can be interpreted as factual reflections. Yet the final line feels particularly ruthless. For one, 6ix9ine has already been threatened with “super violation,” which sounds as grim a fate as any. To allude to the notion of a possible prison rape is a cold take from Ross, especially given 6ix9ine’s prior legal history. The pointed message has not gone unnoticed by 6ix9ine’s fans, who have since slid onto Rozay’s IG with a barrage of rebuttals. Yet the Boss’ tone is difficult to discern; is Ross shaking his head at 6ix9ine’s sloppy maneuvering, or lamenting the bleak fate of a promising up and comer? 

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