Video: Wendy Williams Talks About Her Breast Implants

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Wendy Williams reveals her breast implants.

Whenever she steps on stage to host a new episode of her talk show, you can safely bet on the fact that she’ll discuss some bizarre incident that happened in her life. Her fans have been more than lucky to learn about the entertainment veteran this season because, her divorce has been one of the hottest topics in show business. Her recent episode of Wendy, she went into detail about another aspect of her life that some people probably didn’t care too much about hearing: her breast implants.

The crowd went nuts and the host knew exactly what they were thinking so she commented on exactly that. “I’m telling you, under the muscle implants since 1994. They still stay up!” said the star about her breasts. “They still stay up. If you’re gonna do it, go under the muscle!”

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