Video:My Gala Gown Was Inspired By Feminism: Cardi b

Her look is being hailed as one of the best of the Gala.

 Monday at the Met Gala in New York City. The 26-year-old “Clout” rapper stunted on the red carpet wearing a maroon Thom Browne gown that featured a jeweled headpiece, a shapely bodice, and a show-stopping cascading feathery train. She’s already being hailed as one of the best-dressed celebrities of the evening, and when Liza Koshy interviewed Cardi for Vogue, the artist shared details about the concept of her dress.

Cardi said. “This reflects the woman’s body. You got your little boobies, va-jay-jay, and your…if you see my back it’s like booty. And of course Camp [the theme of this year’s Met Gala], you know what I’m saying? We really was trying to show very elegant, extravagant, but not too Halloween-ish. Perfect dress for me.

Liza then asked if baby Kulture would be making a surprise appearance on the red carpet. “No, but you want to know what? I was supposed to be up at six in the morning to fit my headpiece so they could customize it. And I’m like, I arrived home at three in the morning, you know what, I’m gonna take a two-hour nap, but she kept me up and I’m like, aw crap.”

Liza told Cardi that she was the culture, the rapper made sure to kindly shut that down, but she did share what “culture” means to her. “The culture is within, the culture’s in the hood. The culture’s where you from.” Although “culture” and “camp” are similar, Cardi said they’re not the same. “Camp is more of being yourself. Being extravagant. You don’t care if nobody judge you or not. It’s you. It’s too much.

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