VIDEOS/PICS: Okike Foods Enugu New Yam Festival20

According to Ashimoro; HVM reporter, Okike New Yam Festival 2020 was a successful event.

Originally, the event which kicked off last year #OkikeNewYamFestival19 has been tabled by the management board to continue practicing it’s yearly party as it promotes the Igbo culture.

The cutting of the yam was around 4:06pm which led to some other activities like the masqurade dance, wrestling, the burn fire dance, jokes and some other interesting activities.

Okike foods ltd, made wonderful chops like; pork suya, chicken suya, goat pepper soup and agidi, Deka nuts etc.

Some prominent men were fully around and in support of the event, people like, Hon. Chukwuemeka Ukwuaba and Wife, N.D Benz, Chief Oshokpoko, OBC London, Bucho Don Khalifa, Ozimato Oil and Gas, Mr Charming, and many more.

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