(WATCH VIDEO) Young M.A. Spits A Hot Freestyle For The LA Leakers

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Young M.A. go off the top for nearly 4-minutes straight in her latest LA Leakers freestyle

In promotion of her new songs “Petty Wap” & “Car Confessions,” Brooklyn spitter Young  M.A. decided to make her way out to Los Angeles recently and stop by the Power 106 studios for an interview with the LA Leakers. Of course, in addition to their discussion, Young M.A. was asked to bless the listeners on air with some bars, which she happily obliged.

Going in over a NYC classic, Busta Ryme “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” the Brooklyn spitter goes off the top and shows off her lyrical prowess, rapping for nearly 4-minutes straight. No hook or funny business here, just bars off the dome, rapping about getting paper, baggin’ bitches and coming from the bottom, among other things. “Came from the bottom bitch, got my day one niggas in my bottom bitch/ Six O’s in the bank two comma’s bitch, got them chop sticks for a hater, Benihana bitch,” she spits.

The freestyle surfaces just days after Young M.A. gave high praise to another NYC female rapper in Nicki Minaj, Young M.A. said Nicki is “dope” and shouldn’t be receiving all this hate lately since she made “a lot of impact in the game.” “That’s the homie right there,” Nicki Minaj “She’s dope. I just hate that she gets so much hate now. Like, I just think that shit is corny. People on your dick one minute then, on some other shit the next as if she did something wrong. I don’t think she did anything wrong. She’s made a lot of impact in the game.”


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