Young M.A Speaks On Relationship With Nicki Minaj


Young M.A praises Minaj

Young M.A isn’t buying into this whole Nicki Minaj and Cardi B feud. In fact, Young M.A had nothing but high praises for Minaj, despite endless critics coming for the rap Queen ever since she dropped her album of the same name. In the few years that Nicki Minaj took a hiatus, Cardi B emerged as the most popular female rapper. For some reason, the media enjoys pitting Cardi B and Nicki against each other. Maybe it’s because both ladies come from New York, or possibly because the two rappers discuss similar topics in their music. Whatever the reason, Young M.A isn’t here for the drama.
Recently, Young M.A stopped by Real 92.3 LA to speak with Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed about a number of topics, and of course, Nicki and Cardi B came up. When asked about her relationship with Nicki amid all the hate being thrown her way, Young M.A stood up for Minaj. “That’s the homie right there,” she began. “She’s dope. I just hate that she gets so much hate now. Like, I just think that shit is corny. People on your dick one minute then, on some other shit the next as if she did something wrong. I don’t think she did anything wrong. She’s made a lot of impact in the game.”
The hosts then pry a little deeper, asking about the idea that fans must pick a side when it comes to Nicki and Cardi. “I don’t understand that shit,” answered Young M.A. “They painted that shit, it was probably never a problem,” she continued, blaming the press for creating the feud. Cardi B has been getting knocked in the press as of late though, for the fact that she does not write all her own music. When the hosts ask Young M.A if a rapper can be top five while still having a writer, the young rapper answered, “Nah.”

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