Young Thug Covers Squad’s Bail & Legal Fees After Weapons Charge

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Slime looks out for his own

an album release party can be appropriately raucous, especially those coming from the hip-hop realm. Young Thug, who recently dropped off Slime Language a few Fridays ago, found himself and his crew slapped with a few weapons charges at his album release party; one of his squad was charged with possession of an AK-47, while the remaining four were caught packing less heavy artillery. In any case, TMZ has clarified some of the fallout, proving that Thugger is indeed worthy of the King Slime moniker.
Rap entourages have a self-sustaining ecosystem; the top of the crop makes sure the homies are never missing meals, not unlike the dynamic between shark and remora. The moment of noble leadership came in the form of several cashed cheques. According to TMZ, Thug covered both bail and legal fees of all five charged homies, costing him $50k for the AK-toter and $35k for the remaining four. Not only that, but Thug made sure to have a team of lawyers lined up and ready to hold it down; not only that, but Thug’s chosen lawyers hardly come cheap, going in at $7k a pop.

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