You’re just a side chick – Portable slams 4th baby mama Ashabi Simple

Portable slams 4th baby mama Ashabi Simple

You're just a side chick - Portable slams 4th baby mama Ashabi Simple

On Monday, January 29, 2024, the Zazu singer expressed his displeasure with Ashabi’s recent interview, where she discussed their relationship. He then denounced her as his wife and dismissed their relationship, labelling her as “just a side chick.”

Portable made it clear that Ashabi is not his main partner, emphasising that he has a wife and children at home.

“Which useless interview were you granting? You are just a side chick. I’m a responsible man, and I have a wife at home with children. You got pregnant and I accepted your baby. Have I done bad?” Portable said, addressing Ashabi directly.

He further stated: “My wife has never for once fought any of you. She left you alone because she is okay and happy where she is, no competition.”

Portable also pointed out that Ashabi’s interview was unnecessary and accused her of seeking attention. He went on to mention that other women have had children for him, emphasising that Ashabi is not unique in that regard.

He continued: “There you went on an interview and casted your relationship. You didn’t have to say anything. Even if they are asking you unnecessary questions, must you cast your relationship? Must you fight people? Give yourself peace and stay where we’ve kept you. Even the people who granted you the interview are just trying to trend. They didn’t give you attention back when you were still acting in movies, now you’ve given birth for a superstar like me, they have your time.

“You can never be like my wife. Are you the only side chick I have? You can never stand beside my wife,”he concluded.

The public rebuke comes after Ashabi’s interview with actress Biola Bayo, where she discussed her relationship with Portable, expressing her doubts and insecurities despite his marital status and involvement with other women. They have since unfollowed each other on Instagram.


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